· System Design & Implementation  using your ideas or ours

Our consultants will meet with you and discuss your visions and needs before designing a customized plan for you


· Hardware and Software Upgrades to meet your changing needs

What works? What doesn’t?  How can you maximize your system to get the most for your dollar?  Our technicians will troubleshoot and repair your existing system if that best meets your needs and your budget, or suggest upgrades that may bring new capabilities to your home or business.


· Network & Firewall Infrastructure to protect the data you strive to conserve

For business use as well as on your personal computers, security means protection and we will develop and install just exactly what you need.

We offer simplified, improved protection of corporate data and network endpoints with firewall and antivirus protection.


· Email Configurations/Security Protocols to allow only those with permission to access your files

You want to make sure that those who need to can contact you and your staff, or your family at home, without permitting spam and clutter to infiltrate your System.


· Network Management

We have the latest technology to manage your network onsite or remotely


· Training of Management & Staff so that you are prepared to maintain the system that has been customized for you

Let us show you how to easily maintain the system we design so that service calls are held to a minimum, saving you time and money.