Security & Risk Assessments

Whatever the venue, where ever the locale, there are security risks, and it is important to evaluate them with the highest degree of professionalism and respect for confidentiality.  Pro-Integrity Solutions specializes in assessments for businesses, houses of worship, and residences (both single family, and residential developments/complex). Site plans are reviewed, interviews are conducted and written risk evaluation summaries are completed. Fire Safety, evacuation plans and disaster response  is included.


Security Plan & Design

Planning and design of your custom security program is done using written guidelines for entrance and exit protocols, lighting, camera  and landscape placement, safety awareness and future steps for expansion as the client’s needs change.   Pro-Integrity Solutions will create a written plan and assist you in the implementation of our recommendations. We can work with your contractor to insure safety and security are woven successfully into your construction project.


Security Awareness & Training

For any security program to work optimally, you must have the cooperation and participation of all individuals involved. Security Awareness becomes a necessary piece of every employee's job.  Pro-Integrity Solutions offers educational classes to employees, residents and management in Security Awareness, Asset Protection, and Loss Prevention, and in Incident Reporting.  This service is a must have for businesses, property managers and homeowner associations.  Training is site specific and industry specific.



Information Protection Programs

Every company must have an ability to protect the information it has.  Pro-Integrity Solutions has expert ability to do data protection, security protocols, system integration and network design and infrastructure.  Our staff will train your trainers to avoid unnecessary service calls for routine maintenance.  Our Computer Solutions staff is prepared to meet all of your hardware, software, networking needs or let Pro-Integrity Solutions develop a virtual monitoring  component for you or your business.